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In this session we will design a customized marketing campaign specifically for your business.  After a short initial call to understand your company’s challenges and goals, our marketing experts will prepare a thorough presentation about how Inbound Marketing can actually work in your company and attract ideal-fit customers consistently every month. (1).gif


The Marketing Strategy Session will include:

  • Market Research and Competitive Analysis

We will review your major competitors to understand where your company stands in the competitive landscape, including market position and web search/traffic.

  • Keyword Research
We’ll analyze your Current state of your organic search and website traffic and assess the keywords that currently bring traffic to your website and how they can be improved.

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  • Target Buyer Analysis 
We will prepare “buyer personas” of your target buyers to understand what your ideal leads look like and what will make them convert to opportunities
  • Market Positioning Statement
We will suggest, based on our research, the key phrases to include in your brand positioning to clarify your competitive advantage internally and to your leads.
  • Content Strategy
We’ll give recommendations for digital inbound campaigns and content and prepare specific recommendations for inbound content campaigns - high quality content offers used to bring in leads.


About StepUp 

We are the first Industrial B2B Marketing agency in Israel.  We build B2B marketing systems that bring in the right leads and help your sales team close more deals. If you are an Industrial or B2B company looking to dominate your market or reach new markets, let’s talk.



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